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Start your morning with God’s Word and daily prayer. Download Daily Bible Verses to read Bible verse of the day, inspirational and motivational quotes, Christian wallpapers, devotionals, daily notifications, reminders, prayers, and a lot more content to facilitate your daily devotional and bring you closer to Jesus. It’s a great app for Christians, but it’s especially useful when you are facing a hard time and need every encouragement you can get.


As Christian we need to connect to God through daily prayer and devotional. We need to read the Gospel every day, preferably as we start our day. Going to the church every Sunday or studying Bible once a week isn’t enough to sustain us as Christian. We need to contemplate the word of God every day and how the Bible verse relates to us. Aside from heeding Jesus’ call for prayer and devotion, we also need motivation and positivity every day. We try to facilitate that you need by creating this Christian app for you.



• Beautiful Social Feed.

• Thousands of Bible verses.

• 50+ Christian wallpapers.

• 30 devotionals.

• 470+ motivational quotes.

• 60+ prayers.

• 70+ Good Deeds that will help you apply Jesus’ calling & teaching.

• Enjoy inspiring and beautiful images.

• Listen to relaxing music as you read and contemplate the word of God.

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